Thursday, September 29, 2005

On a Personal Note

To my great surprise, we had a full house for last night's opening of Marisol, which is highly unusual. Our Drama students had decided. on the suggestion of our Chair, to attend opening night and dress up for the event, which made for a wonderful sense of occasion. The audience was amazing: they picked up much of the dark humor in the play, and had a great quality of attention throughout the show.

I was very proud of everyone involved with the show. Everyone stepped up and took great ownership of the production, and of their contribution to it. There was a real sense of personal pride among the students following the opening. If you want to see pictures from the production, go to this URL and click on the poster image:

I probably won't be able to step back and comment of the successes and failures of the production until it is closed and I have a little time to process everything. But right now, I can say that my experience putting this show together was one of the most enjoyable and gratifying of my career. Thanks to George Hunka at the Superfluities blog ( for the well wishes.

I'll start posting some ideas again soon!

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