Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just a Question

If I'm not mistaken, MySpace was created to allow bands to publicize their music. Could a similar site be set up for theatre?


Travis said...

Mr. Walters,

You cannot.

Theater's transcendent quality is it's immediacy, which doesn't translate to any sort of archiving, which would be necessary for such a vehicle.

Scott Walters said...

Well, transcendent qualities aside (after all, music is better live than recorded, too, for that matter), MySpace is primarily a marketing site for fans to gather. Why not theatre?

John Branch said...

I like the idea. About five years ago, I started wondering why theater wasn't using video clips on the Internet to market itself more. Turned out (which probably won't surprise many people here) that it was mainly a matter of contractual restrictions, and beyond that a question of money, rather than any question of technology. I suppose those are still the reasons why this isn't happening much.

I seem to recall finding a Chicago theater site that'd show you a clip for some of the bigger shows there. I don't know whether New York is doing even that much, but I haven't tried to find out lately. In principle, though, I believe it's possible.