Friday, May 25, 2007


I was honored to be asked to join the list of illustrious interviewees over at "Theatre is Territory." Ian did a great job coming up with really interesting questions, and I did my best to make the interview readable, entertaining, and intriguing. Check it out to see how I did.

An explanation about the pictures. The top picture was taken by the student newspaper when we were moving into our new building -- they wanted to see a professor in his office surrounded by moving boxes, and I happened to be available. The second is just a picture of my blog. The third is a picture of me as Dysart in our department's production of Equus. I was not very good, but the kid who played Alan (Michael Ackerman) was fantastic by any light, and when you consider he was a freshman at the time, it was extraordinary. I believe he is currently in Chicago, so all my Chicago readers, keep an eye out for him. He is an amazing young actor. The last picture is the most recent, and is me at Philadelphia Story rehearsal. It is the picture that put me on my diet...

I'm going to be gone over the long weekend visiting my stepson, but when I get back I may spend some future posts discussing in more detail each of the questions Ian asked in the interview.


Anonymous said...

MICHAEL Ackerman.

Praxis Theatre said...

Hey Scott,

Thanks again for the interview. Certainly has given us a lot to think about. And inspired some heated debate in the process.