Friday, August 17, 2007

The Future -- and Theatre?

Over at the Lit Dept, Malachy Walsh (congrats on the new baby, Malachy!) embedded this YouTube vid in a short post in which he pondered the world into which his baby was about to be born. I don't know how to embed these things, so either go to Malachy's site and watch it, or click here.


OK -- in the spirit of Parabasis, let me throw out a question: should this video have any impact on our conception of theatre? If so, what?


Art said...

Hi Scott,

To embed You Tube videos:

Look to the right of the video on the You Tube Page. You will see two boxes. They are labelled URL and Embed.

Copy the code from the Embed box.

Then, while composing your post in blogger, paste that Embed code into the HTML View where you would like it to appear in the post. (Don't paste it into the regular Compose mode, or it won't work.)

Hope this helps.

Scott Walters said...

Thanks, Art! Cool!

tommyspoon said...

It must have an impact; I'm afraid that it won't.