Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Book Announcement

For those of you who might be interested (and who probably will not be surprised), I am presently working on a book that will pull together my ideas on theatre tribes. Working title is From Employee to Artist: How to Start a Theatre Tribe (I Think). I will, of course, continue to write about theatre tribes on this blog and float new ideas, but the problem with blogs is also their strength: posts are in chronological order, and they sort of disappear into archive oblivion. Tags help, but still, that's why I created the Theatre Tribe Resource Website for those who wanted to a more organized source of information (I really need to work on adding more resources to that). But I'd also like to have the material in a more portable form for those who are not blog savvy or who don't like reading on-line. The plan is to self-publish the book with a print-on-demand company in order to keep costs low and maintain control over the product. When all this will happen, I don't know, but I hope to have at least a first draft finished by the end of the summer. So this is a request for my readers: it is even more important than usual that you share your feedback about these ideas -- such feedback will help me adjust and fine tune the ideas so they are the most useful they can be when we go to press.

As a sidenote, I have also created a Diigo research group for Theatre Tribes, so that people who are interested can contribute websites and articles that might be relevant to this topic that I can add to the website and to the book.

[P.S. This is my way of making sure I follow through and get this written. If I announce it publicly, and you all know I said it, then I can't chicken out. So it is sort of like announcing you're going to quit smoking -- a plea for supportive knudges...]


Simon said...

That's great, Scott. I'll reserve my copy right now, please.

Ian Mackenzie said...

Wonderful. And a smart way to take the tribes package beyond the blogs.