Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Douglas Coler, commenting on my post below concerning "1000 True Fans," writes:

Scott, you beat me to it! I also read the 1000 True Fans post and immediately thought of Theatre Tribe. 1000 true fans (+ exponential growth)=subscription base, or nearly so.

I'm also intrigued by the concept of Fundable, which is almost a Kiva type organization in that projects are put forward and funds requested but not distributed until the total requested amount has been pledged. It's not a perfect solution, but one that seems a relatively painless way to raise money. Certainly worth exploring.
Brilliant! And if such an approach could be promoted both locally and nationally (internationally?), a theatre with an innovative approach might really get rolling. What would be interesting, in addition, is to figure out a way your theatre could provide your Fundable fans with evidence of the results of their contributions and interest. For instance, could you produce videos of your productions that would only be distributed to fans? Lots of food for thought... What are YOUR ideas?

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Douglas Coler said...

Scott, digging a little deeper on Fundable shows that Company of Angels in Los Angeles is using the site as part of their fund drive. They've secured an anonymous donor to match funds up to $500.

I lived in L.A. for many years and saw quite a few shows at COA. It's nice to know that the group still exists...Ill be interested to see if they can meet the modest goal they've set for this part of their fundraising.