Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Puzzling Headline does a great job compiling articles on theatre from across the world, so it might seem niggling to question this rewritten headline for an article in the Chicago Tribune entitled "Chicago playwright Tracy Letts wins Pulitzer Prize." rewrote this "Far From Broadway, Letts Is On To the Next Play." Can you imagine? Letts, a Chicago playwright from Tulsa OK, is starting to work on a new play far from Broadway! Who knew such a thing was even possible! Well, maybe he'll become a real playwright and move to NYC, like say David Mamet, another Chicagoan who headed for NYC and then attained the pinnacle of LA.

Could we please stop referencing NYC in references to non-NYC artists?


Anonymous said...

I hear ya Scott.

It's like a sick media magnet.

As if the world only exists in the critics living in NYC...and I live here ! Don't worry, soon most things will be priced out of the east coast except for all things Wall Street.


Freeman said...

Then again... August: Osage County is a Broadway hit. Currently. And Bug was huge in NYC.

Sure he's not a purely NYC artist...he visits from out of town. But he DOES get produced here. On Broadway.

Scott Walters said...

But Matt, it was a link to a Chicago Tribune article that was about him winning the Pulitzer, and about his latest play being read at Steppenwolf in Chicago. So why in the world even MENTION NYC?