Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playgoer on Bart Sher

Amen, Playgoer, amen.
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Bob said...

An important issue. Sher has spent years in Seattle, helping to build that city's vibrant scene. Now that he's been "discovered" and finds himself in NY much of the time, he's preparing to hand over the reins at Seattle's Intiman -- just announced a plan to do so, in another year, if I remember right. That seems the right decision, one that Dan Sullivan also made when he left Seattle Rep. (Dan also went back to college-level teaching, which he finds fulfilling.) I think in both cases they made good decisions that recognized not only what was advantageous for their own careers, but also what was best for the companies they had led.

Mike said...

It should be noted that Bart Sher's connection to Seattle has *always* been tenuous at best. He led Intiman, but he was never of Seattle, and was very frank and open about that.