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Jill Dolan Under Attack

In a pained response to an attack about her Bourne Ultimatum review by one of her blogreaders, Jill Dolan eloquently talks about how stereotypes about feminism get in the way of true dialogue, and how what we write in the the theatrosphere really matters. She writes:

I don’t believe I’ve ever suggested that women are a “superior force on this planet,” nor have I suggested that men are the problem. But for writers like these, it most likely doesn’t matter what I really write. They see “feminism,” and bring to what they read their own prior assumptions, then damn a perspective they conjure, rather than one that really exists.

As a writer, I’ve long accepted that people understand what they will about what they read. Part of writing is being misread. We speak knowing that what we say may or may not be truly understood; that’s part of the contract, I think, of public exchange and commerce. I wouldn’t maintain a blog if I wanted every reader to agree with me, and in fact I relish debate and…