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Conversation on the NEA

For the past couple of weeks, there has been a conversation (well, a series of statement laid out to look like a conversation) on "Barry's Blog" for the Western States Arts Federation concerning the NEA. Participants have included Steve Tepper (Engaging Arts), Ben Cameron (Doris Duke, former TCG), Ian Moss (Creatiquity), Patrick Overton (Front Porch Institute), Doug MacLennan ( and many, many others including yours truly. To give a taste, I am pasting one of my contributions below, and there are many others that are well worth commenting on, both at Barry's Blog and on your own (should you be a blogger).

In response to Barry's question "What would you like to see the Endowment accomplish? What policies should govern its actions? What should be its priorities? If you were to advise Rocco Landesman on what the agenda for the NEA should be --what would you tell him?"SCOTT: First, I think the NEA should completely stop giving money to mega-in…