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Theatre Education

Over at Parabasis, Isaac has asked a question about the effects of university involvement in arts training. While I outlined my take on this back at the end of May in a post entitled Risk, I'd like to take this opportunity to quote an article by Sonja Kuftinec, a professor at my alma mater the University of Minnesota (unfortunately, she was not there when I was there). The article, which was published in Theatre Topics, is called "Educating the Creative Theatre Artist." In it, she writes about undergraduate education:

A January 1999 ATHE retreat, which I attended as a representative of the Performance Studies Focus Group, clarified the dilemmas faced by our field in terms of what and how we teach, and toward what ends. Should we be training students more preprofessionally--undergraduates for performance jobs and graduates for teaching jobs? Or should we focus more on interdisciplinary collaborations across fields that would redefine students as inquirers and artistic ent…