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On Blogging, Curating, and Discussion

[This discussion was happening in the comments section, and I wanted to give it more prominence. I do so in the hope that the conversation will continue.]

Back on February 22nd, I was invited to a meeting at the NEA to discuss the "supply and demand" issues Rocco Landesman had raised at the "From Scarcity to Abundance" convening at Arena Stage. I posted my response to that meeting, which I called "Off to See the Wizard," a post that was referenced by Diane Ragsdale at ArtsJournal in a post she called "Which nonprofit arts orgs deserve these pennies?" Thanks to Diane, my article started getting some traffic, and generating a nice stream of comments, including this one from Aaron Andersen:

I'm sorry the conversation wasn't more productive, when it is sort of a dream to get all those people in the same room.I can't help but feel slightly defensive, as an arts blogger with an economics perspective, even though I did eschew simple supply-de…

Old Model / New Model

Old Model:

Art Commodities +
Created by professional artist-specialists +
Sold to amateur arts consumers +
Through the use of marketing and advertising +
Supported by grants and donations

New Model:
Art Experiences +
Created by creative citizens +
Shared with other creative citizens +
Through the use of personal connections +

(Hint: the Old Model doesn't work anymore, and the New Model needs multiple pilot projects..._

Yes, These Do Connect to Us