Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How to Kill Creativity

Over at "Slow Leadership," there is a post entitled "How to Kill Creativity." While it is written for business, when I read it I see connections to the contemporary theatre scene. From what I can see, the pressure has become so great, the economics so dour, and the window of opportunity so small that the theatre has become risk averse. For an art form that desperately needs creativity, is there any way to unplug from this downward spiral?


YS said...

As a nice add-on, here is an article from Fast Company Magazine about the "Myths of Creativity."

Interesting myths of creativity;

3. Time Pressure Fuels Creativity

4. Fear Forces Breakthroughs

5. Competition Beats Collaboration

6. A Streamlined Organization Is a Creative Organization

YS said...

This article is also indispensable when looking at the intersection of business and creativity:

Quote: th category of creativity legitimately belongs to the arts where it is seen, invariably, as the outcome of processes of imagination, experimentation and (often) failure. It is precisely these definitional aspects of the practice of creativity that make its interpretation in organizational theory so specious. The metaphor of creativity, as it is used within organizational theory, not only disguises its ideological function, it also elides one of the defining characteristics of creativity which is its coexistence with market failure."

Anonymous said...

How about this:
It's not gonna happen just to will be everything.

The Extinction of Mass Culture

Anonymous said...

I suggest we watch this CAREFULLY:

DAVID VS. GOLIATH - this is the crux of the theatrical problem. Mainstream meaningless or Underdog Originality.

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jen said...

how about not doing theatre for money? fair - no. freedom - yes.