Saturday, August 11, 2007

Creative Capital Foundation

I'm back from the AlternateROOTS annual meeting, which was a truly extraordinary experience. While there, I came across a brochure for the Creative Capital Foundation, which "is committed to working in long-term partnership with its funded artists, providing advisory services and professional development assistance along with financial support throughout a project's life. In addition, the grantees agree to share a small percentage of any net profits generated by the projects with Creative Capital, which applies these funds towards new grants."

Creative Capital Foundation "was established to explore whether venture capital concepts might be applicable and useful in the cultural arena." The foundation funds artist projects in four disciplines: visual arts, film/video, performing arts, and emerging fields/innovative literature. They run on a 3-year cycle, with this year devoted to grants in Emerging Fields, Innovative Literature, and Performing Arts. To apply for a grant, you must first submit an inquiry form. View the guildelines at

"On the inquiry form, you will be asked how your proposed project, in conjunction with a Creative Capital grant, will contribute to your artistic and professional growth as well as how your work demonstrates a bold, inventive, and singlular vision in form and content." Since 1999, they have awarded 199 grants totaling more than $4.7 million, with an average award of $37,000 in grants and services.

I wanted to share this information with my artist friends.

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