Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mirror-Up-To-Nature Weighs In

Maybe it isn't New Ideas 0, Status Quo 1: the game's still being played -- Mirror Up to Nature (see sidebar) has weighed in on the Pre-Show Marketing theme and has placed the discussion in a broader context. His example of ART is quite interesting, and the question I asked in his comments box was whether a pre-show announcement from ART endorsing a production at another theatre -- not an endorsement paid for by the theatre receiving it, but an honest-to-God "If you like this type of theatre, you'll also like X" endorsement by the ART itself -- whether such an announcement, coming from a trusted human being and not an anonymous slip of paper in the program, might make any of the audience more likely to give the second production a look-see. What do you think? In the meantime, be sure to check out MTN's thoughtful post.

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