Thursday, September 06, 2007

Political Mashup

What if the progress in the War in Iraq was evaluated in the same ways schools are in the horrible No Child Left Behind Act? Bush is pretty lenient in his evaluation of Iraqi progress while being harsh with schools who have struggling students and serious socio-economic challenges. But then we shouldn't expect consistency, right? Why not??? Isn't it time we stopped smiling cynically and expressed our total outrage? I marvel that I have allowed myself to shake my head over all the Bush offenses. Suddenly, I understand how the German people let Hitler come to power and stay in power. Yes, Hitler! And Stalin. And Mao. And every other totalitarian dictator throughout history. We must stop this creeping fascism!

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raqqash said...

Yup. looking the other way seems to be the easiest solution. Here in Italy it is that way with mafia, tax evasion, political corruption, and any other thing one can blame on someone else.
Easy solutions often lead to tread on dangerous ground.
My respects to you.