Sunday, February 21, 2010

Comment Moderation On

In the comments to my "Response to Isaac re: CRADLE" post, I received a comment from someone named "Troll Watcher," who is either some sort of bot or someone who doesn't have enough to do. But s/he apparently is following Thomas Garvey and posting a definition of "troll" after his comments. Troll Watcher's comment has been removed, and comment moderation turned on. Any other future comments of this nature will not be posted, by Troll Watcher or anyone else with a similar purpose.

Let me be clear: this blog is a forum for an exchange of ideas, not personal abuse. Anyone who comments here will be treated with respect, regardless of whether I or any of my readers disagree with the ideas expressed. Focus on the ideas. Period. I will not tolerate personal attacks of any kind, and will remove them forthwith. If you wish to call people names and insult them, or have personal meltdowns and hissy fits, there are many other blogs in the theatrosphere where that is the coin of the realm. This isn't one of them. MySpace is a really good place for adolescent behavior.

For those who think you will follow up on this post with an attempt to argue whether Troll Watcher is "right" or not, your comments will not be posted. The issue is one of a free and open exchange of ideas. I have no patience for conversations about personalities. Personal comments will not be approved.

Comment moderation will stay on until I see evidence of an adult ability to converse intelligently. I invite anyone who has a problem with this policy to stop reading Theatre Ideas. If you have something you simply have to say on this matter, email me at walt828 at


Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist! said...

I salute you, sir. I also moderate comments on my blog.

Trolls are dumb and need to get a life.

99 said...

For the record, it isn't me and I don't know who it is, nor do I support this kind of stuff.