Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maybe I Was Wrong

After reading a recent post by Thomas Garvey, to which I will not link so as not to drive traffic there, I have to admit that he all-too-often exhibits trollish behavior in his personal attacks on members of the blogging community. While I don't condone the previous comment by Troll Watcher, I also don't condone Garvey's personal vendettas that resort to irrelevant attacks in lieu of making an argument. I believe in civility. Comment moderation will remain on for the time being. Any attempts by Garvey, now or in the future, to leave comments here will not be posted or, should moderation be eventually removed, will be immediately deleted.


ex-Troll Watcher said...

For what it's worth Scott, I don't condone my comments either. I've been embarrassed about them ever since. Particularly as they were an example of exactly the sort of behaviour I was taking issue with. Also, while I think anonymity is legitimate when discussing ideas, anonymous character judgments are cowardly.

There's been too much acrimony in the theatrosphere of late and I'm ashamed to have added to it.

So belated apologies.

Troll Watcher will go back to his mountain home and stay there.

Scott Walters said...

Thank you.