Thursday, October 27, 2005

Apology Due: It's a Farce

I need to offer a public apology to the commenter devore. The explanation for my behavior is rather odd: I thought devore was somebody else! I have a student whose name is Devore. He is a good student, bright and thoughtful. When I saw the name "devore" on the post, I thought it was him, but since it sounded so little like him (while he has a sense of humor, he tends to be fairly serious), I thought he was trying to disrespect the thoughtful, engaged members of the blogging community and undermine the discussion. I resolved to nip that in the bud. Little did I know that I was totally mistaken in the identity of my commentor.

I feel as if I am in some blogospherical farce -- we just need three doors and some underwear (perhaps Matt playing Hamlet?).

Anyway, I proffer the olive branch to devore with sincere apologies for my boorish behavior. A believe me, Matt, I didn't do it in order to increase the hit count on the blog!


devore said...

I had intended to react to your unneccesary mea culpa yesterday, but for some reason my computer wouldn't let me post.

Anyway. Don't apologize. We're all big kids, and if all of us here are truly passionate about art, and theater, then tempers will flair.

But the entire conversation, as well as Hunka and Matt's blogs, spur thoughts on my attitudes. This is a give and take.

Blogs are wonderful because they're stuck somewhere between the printed word and conversation. So they're messy, and sometimes people get slighted.

Personally, I'm over it. More dorky theater talk please. I look forward to reading, and occasionally, reacting to it.

devore said...


there are other devore's in the world?

don't tell THIS narcissist.

P'tit Boo said...

Ok, now let's get back to the fiery , heated conversations !