Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Travis Bedard -- Midnight Honesty at Noon

I am in the midst of a HUGE blogger's block right now. It isn't that I'm not having ideas, but most of them are about me rather than anything that is useful to anyone else -- like stuff about my own career path and stuff. Nothing that the world needs to know about...

In the meantime, check out Travis Bedard's posts about theatre education. He extends Tom and my own thoughts quite nicely. And while he says he disagrees with his "elders" (thanks for that one, Travis) about production, I actually think I (I won't speak for Tom) would agree that more production would be a good thing -- but that we faculty don't have to be behind it in order to give it legitimacy and prestige. There would be nothing that could make me happier than if I had auditions for my mainstage production and nobody showed up because they were all already committed to their own projects. Then I would know that we've really done something for the students. Then I could compete with them on a level playing field, which would mean I'd have to make sure my work was cool and exciting. So it would push me, too.

Anyway, check out "Hey. Teacher!" and "Hey, Teacher! -- Addendum."

I'm sure I''ll think of something sooner or later. In the meantime, check out the wiki the cast of Thousand Kites and I are starting to create about prison issues. And particularly click on the videos, which are really cool -- provided by Appalshop, who created the Thousand Kites Project.

Think Again: Funding and Budgets in the Arts

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