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Cocke + Shirky + NEA = ...

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I hope to right about this in the near future, after we talk about it today in my "Creating Arts Orgainzation in Small Communities" class, but this is a game you don't need me to to play, you can figure it out yourself.

What is the connection between Dudley Cocke's 2000 "theory of cyber compensation," Clay Shirky's idea of "Gin, Television, and Social Surplus" (video below, transcript here), and the March 2010 National Endowment for the Arts Report Come As You Are: Informal Arts Participation in Urban and Rural Communities?

Robert Gard Conference in Madsion WI

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"I knew that there must be plays of the people filled with the spirit of places... I felt the convistion then that I have maintained since -- that the knowledge and love of place is a large part of the joy in people's lives. There must be plays that grow from all the countrysides of America, fabricated by the people themselves, born of toiling hands and free minds, born of music and love and reason."
Robert Gard, Grassroots Theatre I received an email over the weekend from Robert Gard's daughter, Maryo Gard Ewell, a prominant community arts promoter in her own right, who told me: I'm working on a conference to take place later this month in Wisconsin, the Gard Symposium.  We are trying to look at community arts by looking across disciplines - we always say that the "arts build healthy communities" but often we mean "I think that more arts bu…