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Kushner and Schumacher on Education

Fifteen years ago, Tony Kushner delivered the keynote address to the assembled college theatre professors of the US at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) convention. His speech was printed in January 1998 in American Theatre magazine (back when they thought that opinion pieces had a place in their magazine, especially if they were provocative

opinion pieces). I urge you to read the whole essay; I'm rereading it today. And while I'm tempted to quote the whole damn thing, because the whole damn thing needs to be heard not only by the theatrical professoriat but by the artists as well, I will confine myself to just one paragraph, which reads as follows:
Just as the attack on public elementary and secondary education, in the form of the school voucher, and the attack on affirmative action are intended to defeat what's left of the African-American civil rights movement, and the slow whittling away at reproductive rights is intended to defeat what's left …

NYLACHI Wins Again!

Congratulations, Giants fans!