Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello, I Must Be Going

Dear Readers -- This will be the last post for Theatre Ideas. It isn't that I'm going to quit blogging, but rather I am moving my shingle to the 100K Project blog (http://lessthan100k.wordpress.com/), where I will focus completely on the issues and ideas that connect to theatre in small and rural communities. "Focus" is the important word in that sentence. It is important to me that I focus my energy on the iniative that I am most passionate about, and that the NEA has acknowledged as making a contribution to the field. There are many, many others who will continue to write about the other aspects of the theatre and arts scene, so I do not feel as if my voice will be greatly missed.

Theatre Ideas and those who have read it both have served me well. Over the almost four years I've been writing here, I have developed and burnished my ideas about theatre. I owe this almost entirely to those who have engaged me in discussion. To those who have disagreed with me, sometimes angrily, I have learned a great deal about style, about persuasion, about vision. Yes, there were times when things got a little out of control and overly personal, but that happens when people realy care about something, and when they are looking closely at values and beliefs. Joshua James, Don Hall, George Hunka, Bob Fisher, Matt Freeman and Isaac Butler -- you all challenged me to seek more clarity, more evidence, more commitment.

There were others who helped through their support, and who added their ideas to my own to make even stronger amalgams. Dennis Baker, Laura Axelrod, Mike Lawler, Mike Daisey, Playgoer -- when the onslaught seemed a bit overwhelming, it was always good to see your name appear in the comments, or an email appear in my inbox.

If I have forgotten anyone, I sincerely apologize -- there are so many of you who have contributed over the years.

Many of you will remember that I have shut this blog down before, and returned to blogging thereafter, and of course I reserve the right to do so. However, in this case I am not giving up blogging, simply shifting to a new community of readers who share my orientation. If that describes you, I hope you will follow me to http://lessthan100K.wordpress.com

Unless a compelling issue arises that is inappropriate for the 100K Project blog, then future posting will be sparse to non-existent.

Again, thanks to everyone, and I wish you all the best luck possible in building a creative and fulfilling life in this challenging and rewarding art form. I hope you'll keep me informed.

To those of you interested: the next bus for 100K Project leaves in 5 mins.

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