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Read this wonderful post by S. P. Miskowski over at "Hick With a Master's Degree." Miskowski talks about a "Hick Dichotomy" and the "class hatred" that is reflected in the way "most films and TV and theater" portray "hicks," and the way that the Bush regime uses its power to pit poor against poor. It is a powerful read.

The Future -- and Theatre?

Over at the Lit Dept, Malachy Walsh (congrats on the new baby, Malachy!) embedded this YouTube vid in a short post in which he pondered the world into which his baby was about to be born. I don't know how to embed these things, so either go to Malachy's site and watch it, or click here.


OK -- in the spirit of Parabasis, let me throw out a question: should this video have any impact on our conception of theatre? If so, what?

Great Discussion

Great discussion going on over at Don Hall's "Angry White Guy in Chicago," where several people are kicking around the question: If we think theatre could serve a purpose beyond pure entertainment, how might that purpose be defined? Check it out.

Hope and "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

An interesting segment of All Things Considered this evening about The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Thriller writer James Rollins compares the book to the movie versions, and discusses how the endings differ. I would contend that the ending of the movies are hopeless, the ending of the book hopeful. Listen, or read!

Theatre of Hope, Strength, and Inclusiveness

I am disappointed to have missed the wonderful discussion over at Angry White Guy in Chicago's blog, that started last Thursday while I was attending the AlternateROOTS conference and not following the theatrosphere. Don Hall proposed the making of a list of plays according to my call for theatre that ""makes the community stronger, more caring, more inclusive, and more hopeful." Twenty-seven comments followed, and a small list started to come together. Fascinating. Some of the plays I'd agree with, some I wouldn't. Which is neither here nor there.

A few things I'd like to clarify: Don, my love of really goofy comedy was not the center of my belief in theatre of hope, strength, and inclusivity, but rather a personal outlier that I had to come to terms with. It seemed to me that an aesthetic that couldn't encompass pure joy was stillborn.

Devilvet -- I have not dismissed people who are "doing the work," but rather have said that simply doing t…

Rising Appalachia

I encountered this great trio, Rising Appalachia, at the AlternateROOTS last week and I became an immediate fan. A fusion of traditional Appalachian music and contemporary alternative (reminds me of Cowboy Junkies with a banjo), they describe themselves like this:

Music is becoming our tool...not just for aural pleasure, not just for hobby-but now as a means to connect with something beyond ourselves. It is taking its own personality, carrying us all along on the journey down the damp and strange alley ways and cryptic coded pathways... to poetic observations, social change, lyrical nonsense, political rage, symphonic coercing, ferocious bantering, cycles and train tracks, primal will, fresh air intoxicants, harmony and alliteration, noise and something sweeter than I can ever touch. -post-apocalyptic folk fusion soul mending...perhaps?

Listen to some of there stuff here.