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8 Random Things

Dan Trujillo, unable to specify eight people to tag with this meme, said anyone who hasn't done it ought to. Since I'd been tagged with a similar meme with only five random facts, I will do this one as penance for being such a laggard. Thanks for the oblique tag, Dan.

Bloggers must post these rules and provide eight random facts about themselves. In the post, the tagged blogger tags eight other bloggers.

1. I spent several years working as a solderer in an air rifle factory. Very hot, and lots of chemicals in the air.

2. I carried a briefcase in junior high school. When a cool kid stuck his face in mine and demanded to now why I was carrying a briefcase, I looked puzzled and replied, "Why aren't you?" He went away very confused.

3. I attended a technical college for computer programming for a semester as an excuse to stay in my hometown while my mother was dying from cancer -- she would never have let me if she thought I was getting behind in my education because of…

Theatre Knows Me

One of the things I am hoping to do more of on this blog is provide links to articles I find that are inspiring. If I have time, I will try to summarize them a bit -- and will do the same with books or academic journal articles that people outside of academe might not encounter, but that might be of interest to them. One rich source of articles is the Community Arts Network, an on-line resource which is devoted "promoting information exchange, research and critical dialogue within the field of community-based art." Today, I read a wonderful article by Toronto-based storyteller and arts funder Dan Yashinsky, who provides a delightful and heartening "Funder's Tale." In it, explores the different ways that artists relate to their community, and affect it. While the whole article is definitely worth a read, and I recommend it highly even if you aren't interested in community-based arts, one section really spoke to me.

It’s not that this is a novel artistic …