Monday, January 09, 2006

How I Conceive My Blogging, Perhaps...

From an article I found by way of Arts Journal (,2,6186480.story) about Erik Ehn, playwright and Dean of Theatre at CalArts:

"As much as I can, I put my ears in the presence of people with something interesting to say," says Ehn. "Then the job is to synthesize and reflect back what's been heard in a general way — so, reveal the school to itself — and to be in a constant state of writing the mission statement and articulating that mission. Then, also reflecting what I've heard, in a pointed way, to people who can effect change. And thirdly, insofar as I'm able to conceive of change or enact change, to do that on behalf of the people around me. There's actually only one responsibility, which is to a kind of honesty, and every feature of the day provides equal access to that one responsibility."

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