Monday, July 24, 2006

Maybe I Was Wrong

I know I made a Big Deal out of how I wasn't going to make negative comments in any other blogger's comments box, and I hope that others would do the same. I know I said that, and I believed it at the time. But doggone it, it's gotten quiet on the theatre blogosphere lately. Everything I read says that blogs should be engaged in a conversation together, a dialogue, but all I see is a bunch of monologues. It's not that I think we all ought to start sniping again, but anything would be better than this monotony!

I loved Isaac's idea of Blogosphere Day, which I think will be a great balance to the major traditional media outlets. I suggested that there be a connected wiki where links to all the posts live permanently, so that the artists involved can link to them in the future if they're doing grant applications or looking for something to put on a publicity postcard. We'll see if Isaac feels like this is a good idea.

In the meantime, I'm rescinding my hands-off approach, and I hope others will do the same regarding my blog. Although I would like to suggest that, if someone posts something about A + B, that it is possible to contribute A + B + C, and not just A - B. (OK, that is probably the most obscure sentence I've ever blogged.)

Anyway, for God's sake, let's wake up! If it helps, I'll try to post something really extreme in the next week. Just to get the ball rolling.
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MattJ said...

yes things have changed a bit I admit. I do miss somewhat the conversations that happened more often a few months ago. We'll see what we can do about it.

Tom Loughlin said...


I clicked on the tags in this post and got nothing. Are they working?