Wednesday, June 27, 2007

8 Random Things

Dan Trujillo, unable to specify eight people to tag with this meme, said anyone who hasn't done it ought to. Since I'd been tagged with a similar meme with only five random facts, I will do this one as penance for being such a laggard. Thanks for the oblique tag, Dan.

Bloggers must post these rules and provide eight random facts about themselves. In the post, the tagged blogger tags eight other bloggers.

1. I spent several years working as a solderer in an air rifle factory. Very hot, and lots of chemicals in the air.

2. I carried a briefcase in junior high school. When a cool kid stuck his face in mine and demanded to now why I was carrying a briefcase, I looked puzzled and replied, "Why aren't you?" He went away very confused.

3. I attended a technical college for computer programming for a semester as an excuse to stay in my hometown while my mother was dying from cancer -- she would never have let me if she thought I was getting behind in my education because of her.

4. I have been married twice: once to an actress, one to a non-actress. The non has been better.

5. I wrapped my first car around a telephone pole trying to get home to get a post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich on a 30-minute break from work. Don't ask me why I didn't bring the sandwich with me to work.

6. I filed my own divorce papers with the help of a book -- the judge said he was impressed.

7. I thought it was hilarious when my father put our stereo speakers in the front window pointing out and played at full volume his latest album: "Big Sounds of the Dragstrip."

8. I started my own summer theatre when I was a junior in high school, got the high school to let us use the theatre (complete with air conditioning), and the Parks and Recreation Department to pay our expenses. We did a new play called "Snapshots," as well as "All My Sons," "Career," and "The Country Girl" during the first three seasons.

I same people Dan tagged...

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