Saturday, June 23, 2007

Great Interview with Ian MacKenzie

Freat interview of Toronto theatre blogger and Praxis Theatre partner Ian MacKenzie over at Vancouver-based "The Next Stage." While the entire interview is fascinating, I am particularly interested in Ian's answer to Question #11, in which he discusses "compassionate localism." After having devoured Bill McKibben's recent book Deep Economy, and applied the ideas to theatre as well as the broader social issues, I was thrilled to find someone developing this idea. If I wasn't so old, I'd be thinking about moving to Canada!


Praxis Theatre said...
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Praxis Theatre said...

Hey Scott,

Thanks for the shout out here.

I've always liked the idea of compassion trumping more dogmatic ideas like ethics and morality (which seem to shift to suit the whim of the culture their various doctrines are claiming to protect). Maybe that's what lawmakers are for . . . I don't know.

And localism seems like a no-brainer: I really don't need 5 cent bananas in the middle of winter! What are we doing?

Anyway, thanks again.