Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back Monday

I am off to Los Angeles to meet with some theatre people who are trying an experiment connected to what we have been discussing. I will describe this when I get back Monday.

Until then, for all of you who are finding yourselves thinking about theatre from a new perspective. remember that there will be people who will seek to prevent you from taking your journey. They will say what you are thinking about is foolish, or that things can never change, or that things have been the same since the beginning, or that what you desire is not worth having. In the typical hero's journey, these are called Threshold Guardians, and they exist to make sure that you want to take your journey badly enough to overcome them. Keep thinking, and keep dreaming.

See you Monday.

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The Director said...

It's funny, cause I've talked to several people (both theatre and non-theatre people) about your ideas, especially about improving the hiring practices to hire more local actors, to boost regional theatres rather than sending everyone to NYC, etc.

Their response?

"But all the theatre is in NYC! Everyone goes there cause that's where the work is!"

I know, I know, that's what we need to change.

"You can't change that. It's supply and demand."