Monday, January 14, 2008

Mike Daisey: How Theatre Failed America

Please, please read Isaac's Spark notes version of Mike Daisey's show. I almost cried when I did: this is the conversation I have been trying to have on this blog for over two years, and I am so glad that Daisey has broached the subject as an insider. I hope to God he publishes this script eventually, for those of us who can't see it ourselves.

Tomorrow, I hope to post a longer response, complete with some new numbers pulled from the TCG database and the NEA report. Like Daisey, it shows a view of how theatre failed America, but from a different angle. I hope you'll check back.

In the meantime, Daisey is powerfully addressing the migrant artist issue that is destroying the regional theatre scene. To put it into Bill-Clinton-speak: it's the business model, stupid!

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