Tuesday, February 12, 2008

He Who Laughs Back (And Then)

Nick at Theatre for the Future has a great post called "Laughing Back" that describes a great real-life example of my "and then" idea in action. Imagine Sandy Marshall and Nick are both in your tribe, and everybody else has similar valuable skills that can be used to extend the economic life of the tribe. You'd be unbeatable!

The only place where I differ somewhat from Nick is in his expressed attitude toward those who make a living in the corporate world. I think if, instead of keeping your distance, you actually got to know these people, it wouldn't take long berfore you discovered that they have very similar desires to your own. Don't believe me? Read the introduction to Michael Lerner's excellent book The Politics of Meaning. Once you realize that the gulf between people is not as wide as we were led to believe, then you can start understanding how to communicate with them, and reanimate their deepest hopes.

Yeah, that's pretty Barack Obama, ain't it...

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