Thursday, April 10, 2008

Great Posts by Mike Lawler

A lot of good stuff at Mike Lawler's ecoTheater blog, especially the following:

"Unending Growth" -- great quotation: "Conservation in art, however, can be a scary notion for many artists. It screams “Limitations!” to them, and they (we) tend to wince, and turn away from it, often moving all the quicker in the opposite direction. I say don’t let conservation (of all possible resources — from electricity to building materials) act as a scary limiter, but rather as creative challenge. After all, just how much technology is needed to tell a story?"

"A New Model, Part I: Localization and Self-Sufficiency"-- great quotation: "o, this much seems clear: self-sufficiency is as important as, and may be considered part of, any concept of localization in a model of a new theater that considers eco-responsibility or sustainability as part of its mission."

"Sustainability" -- great quotation: "the term sustainability remains one that I feel lends itself to the mission and goals of ecoTheater. While it may remain a word that is hard to pin down, I think my readers know what I mean when I use it regarding theater production: the goal of taking into account “the rights of future generations” when considering how we create art."

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