Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mike Daisey Panel

I know several of the NY bloggers have been participating in the Mike Daisey Sunday Roundtables -- has anybody written about them yet?

I will be part of the June 15th version entitled "Assembling Ensembles," which will also include John Collins and Colleen Werthmann of Elevator Repair Service, Tanya Selvararnam of the Builder's Association, Heidi Schreck from Two-Headed Calf, and freelance director Hal Brooks (Thom Paine and No Child). The roundatble happens after the 7:00 show at the Barrow Theatre at 27 Barrow Street.

I will be in NY from June 15th through the morning of the 18th, and would love to get together with any of my readers and fellow bloggers.


Art said...

Hi Scott,

I've been hoping for some reporting from the blogosphere on this as well.

The closest I have seen is Jonathan West at ArtsyShmartsy.

Devilvet said...

Having gotten together with Scott (and his wife Laura Sue) while he came though Chicago...I highly recommend an hour or two of companionship with this sock puppet.


Have a beer with the man NY!

Scott Walters said...

crickets. Cicadas.

RVCBard said...

Unfortunately, I won't be in NY until the week of July 7. Any time after that, I'm open. Any plans to come up later on?

Mac said...

I'm sorry, Scott! I'm in Seattle visiting my sister from the 12th to the 19th. I mean, I'm glad to be visiting my sister, but it's lame that I'll be out of town when you're here.

ian mackenzie said...

If NYC wasn't 10 hours of fossil fuel driving away from my town, I'd so drop in for a parlay.

BTW. Scott – if you haven't heard it already, you pretty much have to go out and buy the new Death Cab for Cutie album: Narrow Stairs.

You won't like it the first few times around, but slowly and relentlessly its genius will reveal itself.

It would be sad never to know and love this great American recording.

I know. Not theatre. But still. Death Cab. Narrow Stairs.