Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Comment Moderation On

Dear Readers -- I have enabled comment moderation for the time being as a way of assuring that my comments box doesn't turn into a place for one or two people to endlessly bicker with me, which I'm certain that my other readers find tedious. No, I am not referring to Don Hall or dv -- you are welcome as always. My preference is to have an open forum, but for the moment that is not going to work out. I will likely restore open comments at a later date. In the meantime, I will try to approve comments in a timely manner (if I can figure out how that works -- I have never done this before.)


Paul Rekk said...

Moderate this, motherbitches!

Wait, weren't you talking about me?

Scott Walters said...

*LOL* Keep it up, buddy, and you're next!

Anonymous said...

I have always used comment moderation. Although, I dont know that I've had to delete anything other than spam ads in comments.

Perhaps the best thing is it might encourge others so passionate for revuttal to address you more directly and personally rather than publicly and dare I say so performatively.