Monday, July 14, 2008

Denver Post

John Moore of the Denver Post provides a pretty clear look at the situation in Denver in his special report "Theater: Only a Few Make Living from Stage Alone." This is a situation that deserves such vigorous defense?

Where is this from?

What if we took the time to rethink things? Forcing ourselves to look at how things are and imagining what they could be. Not waiting for change, but being the catalyst.""

It is from a Saturn advertisement in Fast Company magazine.

An auto manufacturer can conceive of rethinking, but some theatre people...not so much. I'm with Rex Winsome (and Daniel Quinn and Buckminster Fuller): just walk away and start over. I wholeheartedly support Mike Daisey in his efforts, and think that if he were successful it would help move the theatre in the direction I want to go. But when it comes down to it, I want to create something different.

I want to rethink.

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Deb said...

Speaking as an actor in Denver, I'd be interested in finding a way to "rethink" this one. Denver is a very large, very fast-growing city, and the theatre community is rapidly expanding. The last show I was in ran for 5 weeks, sold out every house, and I got a check at the end for $50. I'm not complaining - I do it for the love of theatre, but I'd love to come up with ideas on rethinking this one.