Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Preach It, Laura

I'm going to link without (much) comment to Laura Axelrod's "Where We Stand," counting the minutes until the second installment. While I might quibble with the emphasis on the artist as rebel (I'd say it is just one of many possible functions that would be valuable in our society), the overall message is so strong it gives me goose bumps.
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Tony Adams said...

Wait, where's the fury over linkology?

Oh right.

Scott Walters said...

Actually, I addressed it in my post, at least acknowledging that I didn't have time to respond, but wanting to draw my readers' attention to Laura's post. Keep an eye on me: if I start doing this consistently, day after day, without taking a position myself, call me on it. A blog oughta be more than a mini-Diggo.