Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feels Like Old Times...

Mike Daisey has been challenged to a cage match by Todd Olson, AD of the American Stage Theatre Company in Tampa FL. Olson says: balance my budget, wretched actor miscreant; Daisey says: bring it.

Reading Olson's letter reminds me of so many comments I've received over the years on this blog. Olson mispells Daisey's name throughout, clearly hasn't seen or listened to Daisey's performance, and has completely misinterpreted Daisey's central point.

I am becoming increasingly convinced that people in the theatre are not only completely lacking in critical thinking skills, but are barely literate at all.

We'll see how this plays out. Maybe there's a reality TV show in the whole thing...


Freeman said...

"I am becoming increasingly convinced that people in the theatre are not only completely lacking in critical thinking skills, but are barely literate at all."

Hostility isn't healthy.

Sorry, Scott. I don't mind you being openly hostile towards artists and theatre in general. I just take exception to it when you're lecturing others about how and when they can be hostile, or when it's acceptable for others to be intentionally offensive.

Scott Walters said...

Being a piss ant doesn't become you, Matt.

Christopher said...

If you must complain about misspellings and the barely literate, be sure to run a spell check before you post.

Scott Walters said...

Point taken. Of course, misspelling the name of your opponent and misspelling "misspelling" are a wee but different.

By the way, Matt, I wasn't setting out with the intention of offending, but merely being willing to risk offense in order to speak an uncomfortable truth. You'll notice that my post's title was "Feels Like Old Times," a reference to how things used to be not too long ago. My impression is that this misreading has improved somewhat as time has passed. Thus, Olson's snarky misreading seems old school to me.

Emma Kate said...

Wow. I am very interested in this discussion.

It’s amazing to me that Mike Daisey – an intelligent person with well organized arguments who is initiating discussions about important aspects of our lives as artists – get so viciously attacked on a regular basis. We can all see that a change is needed in this industry. Why not open a discussion on what we can do? My boyfriend and I are both actors and have the discussion many times about what sort of life we have ahead of us, and at what point we should give it up. We personally know some of those people (like Daisey’s friend) who have played on Broadway and are now scraping by on whatever they can get until the next gig.

I am so excited to find out if Olson comes through on his challenge. If he can get over his agitation and be open to new ideas I would be very interested to see the outcome. For the record, I would much rather work for Daisey!

Also I am starting grad school (for acting) in the fall, and I’ve really enjoyed reading the discussions (many started by Daisey) that were happening all over the web. They gave me a lot to think about in this process. I eventually chose this path because I feel it is right for me now, but I still approach it with a healthy skepticism, knowing it will not give me all the answers.

So Mike, if you read this, when are you bringing your show to Chicago? I’ll invite everyone I know!

Emma Kate