Thursday, March 11, 2010

Announcing New CRADLE Website and Blog

I am thrilled to announce that the website for the Center for Rural Arts Development and Leadership Education (CRADLE) has just launched a new website and blog. I'd like to thank Charles Olbert (my stepson, in the interest of transparency) for his excellent hard work in creating the site. (He does terrific work, and if you have a website you need designed, check out his work at

This website is the first stage of the development of the CRADLE project. It is my intention to make it an information and communication hub for people in the field of rural and small town arts development. Over time, I will continue to add annotated links to on-line reports and resources, and books that might be of interest to the field. I also intend to begin doing a podcast in the future, and provide a variety of ways (Skype conference calls, threaded discussions, even in-person conferences) to increase communication.

There is also a link to the TACT (Theatre Arts Curriculum Tranformation) blog that Tom Loughlin and I began a few months ago. TACT is the educational wing of CRADLE.

What this means for Theatre Ideas, which is now one of four blogs to which I am contributing (the fourth is "Play Analysis 101," which my partner Cal Pritner and I have created to go along with our textbook Iintroduction to Play Analysis), is a likely reduction in the number of posts I do here. Much of what I currently write about here will end up on either CRADLE or TACT, but any commentary that isn't appropriate for those sites will wind up here.

I hope that my readers will follow me to my "Rocking the CRADLE" blog (Chris Wilkinson, I'm talking to YOU), as well as keep up with TACT. Consider this not a shutdown, but simply a move from a rented apartment to my own specially-designed home.

You're all welcome.


Joe said...

And you are teaching when?

I have a hard enough time keeping abreast of your posts, how are you finding the time to create them all?

Glad you are so ambitious!

Scott Walters said...

*LOL* I am pretty busy. But over the years of writing Theatre Ideas, I have gotten pretty good at writing quickly.