Monday, October 01, 2012

Rural Arts at

The first article of a weeklong series at about rural arts has appeared: Dudley Cocke's Rural Theatre in a Democracy

As the week continues, you will find the following:

  • Monday, 5pm EDT: Donna Neuwirth (WormFarm)
  • Tuesday, 5pm EDT: Scott Walters (CRADLE)
  • Wednesday, 11:30a EDT: Nikiko Masumoto (Independent Artist)
  • Wednesday, 5pm EDT: Patrick Overton (Front Porch Institute)
  • Thursday, 5pm EDT: Friday Phone Call Podcast with Noah Siegler (Stage North)
  • Friday, 5pm EDT: LaMoine MacLaughlin (Northern Lakes Center for the Arts)
  • Saturday, 11am EDT: Matthew Fluharty, Rural Arts & Culture Conference Wrap Up (Art of the Rural)

I have enjoyed curating this series, and would like to thank all the authors who wroked so quickly to provide excellent articles on the state of rural arts in America. I hope my readers will check it out.

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