Thursday, July 10, 2008

Great Article on Flyover

Over at Flyover, a music blogger asks some intriguing questions about "How Polite Should an Audience Be?" Short answer: maybe not too much.
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Director said...

Along the same lines, I think a Standing O should only be given if the performance was worthy of it. I only stand up and applaud when I think it's worth it. The rest of the time I sit down and clap for their efforts, if not the quality.

Recently, I saw RENT at The Fox in Atlanta, and it was probably one of the worst performances of any play I've ever seen. And RENT happens to be a favorite of mine. I couldn't see the actors cause of the lights. I couldn't hear them because of the sound system and when they fixed the sound system after intermission, the voices were still weak. The acting was sub-par for what I think an Equity show should be. Frankly, I've seen high schoolers perform better.

Yet the entire house stood up and applauded when the show was over. Had this not been my birthday present, I would've walked out at intermission probably.

I think artists owe something to their audiences and I think the audience owes it to the artist to stay and see what they have to say. But after awhile, if you're not reaching me or not entertaining me or not engaging me... then by all means, I'm outta there.

I saw a high school production of Les Miserables last year and I was the first to jump to my feet and applaud -- it was that good. It deserved the standing ovation.

I've mentioned before that there's a lack of honest feedback in the theatre that I've been involved with, and one of the best ways for me to tell if the show went well is the audience applause. Don't be polite. If you liked it, say so (and clap), if you loved it, stand up and cheer, and if you hated it, sit there and look sullen. It might hurt my feelings for a moment, but it really sends a message to the actors, directors and producers.