Monday, July 07, 2008

Daisey Responds to Brant at Theatreforte

Brant at Theatreforte asks Mike Daisey a series of questions about How Theatre Failed America and his response to Teresa Eyring at American Theatre, and Daisey responds. I responded to Brant thusly:

You are asking a work of art to do the work of research, scholarship, and leadership. As Chekhov said, art doesn't provide the right answers, but the right questions. Rather than ask that Daisey "define his terms," my suggestion for you and for the rest of the theatrosphere is to make the next step yourself. Don't quibble about definitions when the woods are burning. Acknowledge there is a Big Problem, that Daisey has hit on some of it, and start trying to think of how to improve the situation.

In a word, stop being so damn passive!
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