Thursday, March 20, 2008

West End Journal?

Does anybody know anything about the theatre blog "West End Journal"? I can't figure it out. They seem to be reposting just about everything I write, with an occasional Theatre Is Territory post. I don't mind -- I mean, I'm always credited and given a link. But I can't figure it out, can you?


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,

I just left on comment on one of the re-posts over there:

Perhaps they will get back to us with some explanations as to what they're doing.

I agree with your sentiments. On one hand it's cool to be sharing info, and to be re-posted, but I'd like to know a bit more about what's up at West End Journal.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is so Web 3.0 meta-verse. Click on over to West End Journal to see a post by Scott Walters asking "Does anybody know anything about the theatre blog "West End Journal?"

Tom Kephart said...


It looks like a scraper site. There are a few that regularly scrape my blog as well. Not all of them actually give the original credit.

Unfortunately, not much you can do about them. They're like spammers, hard to find and impossible to shut down.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,

Actually i'm a reader of your blog and Ian's blog and other blog about theatre. I though it would be easier to read if i collect them in a 'theatre blog', of course with original link attached. If you mind about this, i will conveniently remove your feed source.

Scott Walters said...

No, Robert, that's OK -- I was just curious!

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