Thursday, September 25, 2008

Prof's Response to Devilvet

In response to devilvet's suggestion that Don Hall, Isaac Butler, and I suspend our blogging activities until the current economic crisis is over, I can speak only for myself: this blog will continue. While I am currently in rehearsal, there are times when we bloggers will have to do more than one thing at a time. But I do call on devilvet, Don, and Isaac to join me in preparing a multi-blog response to the resignation of Dana Gioia as head of the NEA. Now is the time to put aside our disagreements and stand shoulder to shoulder, united against one common enemy: Christopher Charles Isherwood.

Give me a fist bump, guys. We can do this.

[Note to my readers: I have nothing against Christopher Isherwood, although I do think his Berlin stories are overrated.]
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Mark said...

Anonymous said...

I think in these trying times it is important for we Americans to bone up on our Christopher Isherwood contextuality

(massive left eye blinking)

Mr. Walters, I know Charles Isherwood, I've read Charles Isherwood... You sir are no Charles Isherwood.

I now will retreat to my washinton office and apply shoe polish to the faces of effigies of my opponents.

Still in suspension of my blogging...



John Branch said...

I'm jumping into the middle of something without being sure of knowing what it's about, but it looks to me as if Devilvet's post is ironical, considering that it echoes a similar declaration John McCain made a week or so earlier. So why is Devilvet himself taking it seriously, and why is Scott Walters?

Scott Walters said...

I'm not taking it seriously! Although Don Hall took me up on the challenge, I wasn't actually proposing anything, but rather mimicking Obama's response . Hard to communicate irony on-line, isn't it?

John Branch said...

Ah, good. My mistake, then. It's true that tone is often elusive in emails and blog posts. However, just after I dashed off my comment, I re-read your post and noticed the echo of Obama's reply. So the irony should've been obvious to me in this case.

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