Friday, January 22, 2010

Let Me Be Clear

I want to make certain that everybody is clear: any comments I have made about Outrageous Fortune, or about the Arena convenings, are in no way meant to be criticism of the book and especially of those convenings. Todd London and David Dower are doing extremely important work for the field of the arts. London et al have brought the dysfunction of the theatre system as it intersects playwriting to us in living color. It is important that their work lead to changes, and not simply evaporate in a shrug of "that's just the way it is and ever shall be." It only changes if we make it change. Part of that involves discussing the issues.

The Arena Stage convenings are part of that discussion. David Dower continues to bring together interesting groups of people, and then creates an open space for them to converse. There doesn't seem to be an agenda beyond allowing intelligent, smart people to share ideas. As with Outrageous Fortune, we must not let the first step be the last.

We must create change.

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