Thursday, January 14, 2010

Move Your Money (Move Your Theatre)

So recently, there has been a pretty strong movement to suggest that people move their money from the large banks to small, community banks. The arguments against that -- as spoken below by Stephen Colbert -- sounds an awful lot like the arguments against decentralization of the American theatre. Watch:

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Move Your Money - Eugene Jarecki
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While the analogy between banking and theatre isn't perfect, the overall movement toward a more localized economy, including a more localized entertainment economy, continues to gain traction. For those who are interested, there is an entire chapter on this in Lyle Estill's Small Is Possible: Life in a Local Economy, a book I highly recommend.


Dennis Baker said...

Good stuff. Another book I would recommend is E.F. Schumacher's classic Small is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered. I have not read it since college, but this post reminded me I probably should pick it up again.

My Goodreads book list is overflowing with all your recommendations that I have not had a chance to read. Just got Art and Fear from the library. Going to tackle it once I get through Outrageous Fourtune.

Scott Walters said...

I love Schumacher's book (although it can be slow going sometimes). He also has a couple other books of speeches that are interesting. I know what you mean about the backlog of books to read -- so many I can't get to.

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