Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Film Subsidies

Let me get this straight: the State of Texas gave the producers of The Tree of Life $434,252.79 as a subsidy for them to shoot a single film in Texas. And the NEA annual budget is how much?

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Oliver Tad -SN- said...

I volunteered for a film festival this past year and was sit in on a Q&A after one of the films...

Nothing too grand. In fact; it looks like your run of the mill low-budget indie.
The script was mainly ad-libbed,
There were no special effects... Very simple...- It was a fine film. (I'm not saying anything against the film itself.)

But When someone asked about the budget the writer/ director was a little hesistant to answer. He said he wasnt really supposed to talk about that, but eventually gave a round-about # of a couple MILLION... (Pretty sure I heard him say 30 at one point.)


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