Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Zack Mannheimer

If you want to see someone putting into action an interesting model of the relationship between the artist and the audience that I endorse, please check out Zack's blog and his fascinating experiment. He is on the road now looking for a new city to relocate Subjective Theatre. I have been in touch with Zack, and am hoping to see him in early August when he is in Raleigh, and I wish him the very best of luck.

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Nick said...

Zack’s search is intriguing. But how would the sommelier and theatre producer differ in how they provide for their audience/community? I worked with an Argentine theatre ensemble that served their homemade mozzarella pizza and homebrewed beer with their theatre on Saturday nights to the community. They had a philosophy at the core of their communal farmer artist lifestyle where the social, artistic, and financial domains were all given equal value. At one time in their 25-year history their mozzarella cheese became semi-famous, top ten in the Argentine market. They had thirty cows but they couldn’t keep up with the demand. More importantly, the cheese making was taking away from the social and artistic domains. Instead of hiring employees to make the cheese, as the capitalistic model would dictate, the artist farmers sold most of their cows instead. This act brought everything back into balance. Financially poorer but able to serve their community pizza, beer, and theatre again.

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