Thursday, February 07, 2008

International Culture Lab On Board

Folks -- keep an eye on the International Culture Lab blog, which will be participating in the explorations happening here.

And while you're at it, check out Don Hall's latest post "Like Square Pegs in Round Holes" and do some serious thinking about what he says. Is it possible, or even desirable, for theatre artists to focus only on creating art?

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Unknown said...

Hey thanks so much for taking on this task, it seems a bit mammoth, you must think of little else! I am a young director, attended college in New York, still living here, trying to find a way to make my life/work/art a functional thing and so I’m reading your blog with quite a bit of interest as the New York model doesn’t seem to fit well for me (I’m not independently wealthy, I’m not famous, and I want to really reach people with my art). So thank you, I’m listening and I’m trying to find the best solution to keep this monster alive. Keep up the good work.

Ian C.

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