Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jacobs, Daisey, but More Importantly: A Tribe

Leonard Jacobs complains about Mike Daisy, Marsha Norman, and the annoying practice of actually discussing ideas instead of "taking action."

Mike Daisey responds point by point.

If you like dustups, it makes good reading. But for my money, the most important paragraph is this from Daisey:

I will say that we have created a model of a tiny ensemble—there are two members, we share all proceeds absolutely communally, and we have forged work that is successful because we are nimble, quick and obsessed with addressing the issues our culture isn't speaking about. I would not recommend it to everyone, but in these dark times it is a model we've made work for ourselves when many others sputter and fail.
So: another example of a very small yet productive theatre tribe.

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